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Farmers Markets

Dark Star Plant Stall
Dark Star Plant Stall

Regular Farmers Markets throughout the year

Stokesley Sat 5th March

Saltburn Sat12th March

Stokesley Sat 2nd April

Saltburn Sat 9th April

Stokesley Sat 7th May

Saltburn Sat14th May

Stokesley Sat 4th June

Saltburn Sat11th June

Stokesley Sat 2nd July

Saltburn Sat 9th July

Stokesley Sat 6th August

Stokesley Sat 3rd September

Saltburn Sat10th September

Stokesley Sat 1st October

Saltburn Sat18th October

Stokesley Sat 3rd December - Christmas Wreaths

Saltburn Sat10th December - Christmas Wreaths

Dark Star Christmas Wreaths

Dark Star Plants christmas stall

Dark Star christmas wreaths at Northallerton Market

Please feel free to e-mail to have plants delivered to any of these events.

Dark Star Plants plant selection

tel: 01609 883204 / 07710 184189

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